In addition to writing at hello there, friend each week, here is a small selection of recent writing clips. See the full list here.

“The Photos that Cheer Us Up”Hello There, Friend
“Permission to be a Beginner” — Art House America
“The Ongoing Search for Gratitude”
 — Art House America
“Finding Creativity in Daily Life” — Year of Creative Habits
“Finding Only What Matters”Viewfinders
“The Path of the Contemplative Writer” — Art House America
“Learning to Just Be: An Experiment in Yoga” — Art House America
“Learning to See My Children Without the Camera” — Makes You Mom
“Reading Fifty-Two Books” — Art House America
“Loving the Faceless Portrait” — Art House America
“A Home That Feels Like Home” — Art House America
“The Gratitude of a Photograph” — Art House America
“The Year of Journaling Fearlessly” — The Curator
“Why I Shoot Film” — Art House Blog
“Interior Life: How I Maintain My Motorcycle” — The Curator
“This Kind of Mother” — The Curator
“Nurturing Creativity and Harboring Genius” — The Curator