I’m going to be honest: I’ve blogged before and given up. I’ve succumbed to the pressure of jumping through hoops, setting editorial schedules, and playing by the rules. I’ve let my self worth be determined by achievement. I’ve tried to find happiness in external things. And I hope I’m done with all of that. 

My last blog post was written in April 2015. Since then, I’ve been pouring out my heart at hello there, friend, a collaborative project with my friend Beth. Despite my foray into photography, I still call myself a writer because I know she’s somewhere inside me. When I’m quiet enough, she taps me on the heart and asks to come out. I’m learning to let her more and more. And that’s part of why I’m here: to let her have her way. 

Read my published writing here and find me daily at hello there, friend.

My Stocksy portfolio

My Skillshare class: Creative Self Portrait Photography: Going Beyond the Selfie